Cleaning up Water Damage Isn’t a Cheap Job

It’s certainly not cheap to have a home restored when it’s been damaged by water. First of all, if the home has hardwood floors that have gotten soaked, care must be taken within 24 hours to have them dried out by a professional restoration company. A homemaker won’t have the proper equipment needed at home to do a professional job by themselves. These companies know how many hours it takes before toxic black mold sets into the flooring. The top layer and the under flooring must be dried to the same percentage points to keep the hardwood from buckling. If the floors are dried out within at least 24 hours, most of them can be saved.

Homemakers who are facing emergency water damage want to know what the water damage cost per square foot will be to repair their home back to normal. It can cost anywhere from $3.75 to $7.00 per square foot of the home to repair the damage, with total average cost being $2700. Companies and insurance adjusters use the same computer software to determine how much will have to be done to mitigate the water damage. Depending on drying the home, alleviating toxic mold that has set in, along with damage to the flooring will all have a bearing on how much the cost will be.

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Time is definitely a factor for homeowners to get completely back up and running as quickly as possible. Safety is also a big factor if a sewer has backed up or the home has black water inside from a major flood. Flooding doesn’t have to be the cause of a home suffering from water damage. Many people leave faucets running by mistake, or the laundry tub overflows on wash day. The water heater can burst and run over the floors of the home while everyone is at work. The homeowner walks in the door to a home flooded by clean water.

Some companies do business across the entire nation. They have certified technicians who measure wood floor moisture levels to obtain the percentage point telling them whether the floor will have to be replaced or not. Be aware that some companies don’t charge as much as others. Make sure they’re licensed and certified to do a good job for you, and they charge according to the same software all companies use.


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